Why Detox?

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The need for detoxing is more prevalent today than ever before. Let’s face it; we get exposed to numerous toxins on a daily basis, most of which are none of our own doing!

Everything from air pollution to pesticides and insecticides and out gassing and moulds and fungi and even chemicals in our drinking water bombard our poor bodies each and every moment, of each and every day. Indeed it is a toxic, toxin filled world we live in. And yes, our amazing bodies do an outrageously great job at dealing with all of this….but there is a limit to how much our bodies can handle before health problems occur. How much can they handle? This is the million dollar question.

In the short term, we all know what it feels like when our body is telling us we are toxic and we need a break. We feel tired and sluggish, heavy, maybe a little depressed, perhaps bloated and just generally unwell. Doing a detox periodically is surprisingly effective. Detoxing helps to overcome these feelings and it can be surprisingly easy to get your energy and sense of wellbeing back to normal in only a few short days.

If we ignore this toxic build up, pushing through but doing nothing about it, the signs and symptoms will gradually become worse. Because this happens over time, it can creep up on us and we get accustomed to feeling unwell and that becomes our new “normal”.

But what can we do about it? How do we even know where to begin? This is where Detox Coaching comes in. In addition to the external toxic stressors mentioned above, we each have our own unique consumption habits that can be adding to the situation.

The initial step in any Detox Coaching Program is to establish: where you would like to be? Where are you currently are on the toxicity scale? Andwhat needs to be addressed to get you from here to there and bring your goals to fruition?

If you have developed a medical condition, detoxing can in many cases play a major role in regaining your health. I have worked with many people who have serious health issues and detoxing has definitely played an important role in taking control of their health again.

Each Detox plan has some similar characteristics and at the same time each plan is unique…just like you. My focus is to make it easy for you to get real results FAST. By drawing on my years of experience I will create an action plan to guide you to the results you desire.

There are several levels of support available.

“Why not book a one on one consultation with me? This can be done either in person or on Skype, if you and I are on different places on the planet. Regardless of which of the above scenarios is relevant for you, I can offer Detox Coaching to help you get started and to guide you through a detox process that will meet your needs.”

Yours in Health,

Dr Deb