Are you ready to kick the Caffeine Habit for more energy?

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Are you ready to kick the Caffeine Habit for more energy?

The most commonly used drug is caffeine. Eighty percent of us consume it daily. Fifty tons of caffeine are consumed in the USA every day. Yet caffeine is highly addictive, and a dosage equal to 75 cups of coffee placed into the body at one time would kill you.

Coffee drinkers usually start out by drinking one or two cups per day. But over time it is not unusual for the habit to increase to between five and ten or more cups per day. “I need a coffee” becomes a common sigh by the coffee drinker. What they don’t realize is that the morning coffee is more than a ritual; rather, it is a “caffeine fix” needed by the body to rebalance the blood that is out of balance because of the previous day’s caffeine intake.

Ask any coffee drinker what happens when they abstain from caffeine for a single day. The answer is often headaches, fatigue, sleepiness, stomach pain and irritation. These are withdrawal symptoms. The major addictive substance in coffee is caffeine, a white crystalline alkaloid that stimulates the brain and artificially and chemically lessens fatigue. In reality caffeine is a poison.

Injected into human muscles, caffeine will cause paralysis, while ten grams of caffeine accumulated suddenly in a human body would result in death. Fortunately, coffee ingested in the common manner of a single cup at a time is not fatal because the kidneys work overtime to eliminate this toxin and prevent accumulation.

However, continuous use of caffeine devitalizes the body to the point that the body cannot function without it, because the adrenal glands have been so over-stimulated that it takes a high level of caffeine just to feel normal. Thus a vicious cycle is created, as the very thing that created the problem becomes the cure, and thus perpetuates the problem.

Blood sugar can be raised by coffee, heart rate increased, gastric secretions of hydrochloric acid quadrupled, lungs stimulated, kidneys worked overtime, and changes take place in the blood vessels in the entire body.

Can there be any benefit from such stimulation? If we feel fatigued, the body is trying to tell us something. We may need rest or food to replenish the fuel supply needed for energy. When we use a chemical substitute for either, we are whipping a tired horse. The result will be a temporary speeding up, but eventually the horse will collapse. Sooner or later we all have to accept the laws of nature.

Intensive tests of caffeine indicate that the effect on the brain and nervous tissues is more serious and destructive than equivalent doses of morphine. Would you use a small amount of morphine every day? Is it possible that your nervous system could work better without a constant bombardment of the caffeine drug?

Try it for yourself and see!

Dr Deb the Detox Coach