How Detox Coaching Works

Fresh blueberries in a rustic jug

If you’re serious about detoxing there is no one size fits all approach that will really work. I have certainly found that when talking to people and coaching them through their first detox program, it simply has to be customised to make it effective.

The first step for you, and for me, is to start off by finding out as much as possible about where you are at right now.

  • What has led to you seek out detox coaching,?
  • Why do you want to detox?
  • What are the stresses in your life?(work, environmental, family, health etc) * *Most importantly what is it that you really want to achieve?

Total honesty is very helpful here! There is no point saying you want to increase vitality if your real goal is to shift some excess weight, although you likely end up getting both.

From here, I will offer you advice on the type of detox program that will likely work best for you. Together we will discuss some options taking into account your wishes and desires. Then we will make sure the plan is something you are on board with and that it aligns with your goals. To me there is no point in having a “perfect plan”, if it is not right for you.

Your plan needs to be one will you be able to incorporate into your lifestyle for a set period of time. We will discuss your circumstances, such as, will you be working during your detox or will you allow yourself the luxury of having time off so that you can rest if your body requires it.

Together we will map out your detox program, plan the steps required and make sure that you are totally clear on what you need to do and when you need to do it. For some people that is enough – a plan to go forward.

For those who desire more support there is a program where we will have daily contact (by phone/skype/email or sms) throughout your entire detox. This program is designed to spur you on, offer advice and explain more about the detox process as you move through it. As well as keep you “accountable” if that is what you require. I also occasionally offer 3 day juicing retreats.

Remaining focused on the end result of vibrant health through the elimination of toxins from your body and just how fabulous this will make you look and feel will help you get through the process cheerfully. Making this something you get to do (rather than have to do) helps as well. The shift from “I must do it”, to gratitude that you are able to do it and the fact that “you are choosing to do it”, will definitely make it a whole lot more fun, regardless of whether you do a one day or a one month detox.