Detox Packages Available

When it comes to detoxing, everyone has specific needs and lifestyle factors to take into consideration. That is why my Detox Coaching programs are customised to suit your specific needs. The specific packages that I offer include:


This where we start. This preliminary session is designed to give me all of the information I need to make informed recommendations regarding the best approach for you to detox.

Once you sign up I will send you a simple background information questionnaire that covers your reasons for detoxing, medical history, goals and other relevant information. From here we do a one on one coaching session via Skype. This will normally last between 60 -90 minutes. After this session I will forward you further information to support your planned detox (lists of what you will need, strategies for improving your chances of success etc). At the end of this session you will be in a position to do your first detox and if appropriate, I will recommend which of the follow following Detox Programs will suit you the best.

Cost – $247.00


Package #1 - 3 Day Detox Program Package #1 - 3 Day Detox Program

3 day detox

This is the ideal package for anyone who is feeling the affects of a toxic build up – sluggish, bloated, low energy, nausea and generally unwell. During your detox we will connect daily for a coaching session, designed to keep you on track, discuss how you are feeling and how to incorporate this into a longer term lifestyle. This is a great entry level detox program and certainly very popular choice for people doing their first detox.

Cost – $375. 00


Package #2 - 7 Day Detox Program Package #2 - 7 Day Detox Program

7 day detox

This program is suited for anyone who feels that they need more of a detox to get healthier and to feel more vital and energised. As part of this process we will map out your 7 day detox, clarify what you need to get, preparing for and then actually doing the detox. During your 7 day detox, we will connect daily for a short coaching session – to help you stay on track and feel supported throughout the process. After a week of detoxing you will feel like a different person in every way.

Cost – $595.00


Package #3 - 30 Day Detox Program Package #3 - 30 Day Detox Program

30 day detox

If you are looking for a major detox program this is the one for you. With this option you get access to me throughout the month as often as you need. My goal here is to check in regularly, ensuring that you are staying on track and share sharing as much information as I can so that in the future you will be able to repeat this 30 day detox on your own. This is a popular program for those people wanting to make some significant changes to their lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

Cost – $1495.00


Package #4 - 3 Day guided juice cleanse for 1 or 2 people Package #4 - 3 Day guided juice cleanse for 1 or 2 people

30 day detox

PRICE PER PERSON INCLUDES ACCOMMODATION.  (Conditions apply: please send an enquiry for more details and availability.)

Cost – $3,000